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    August 07, 2008



    How does Beyonce look anything other than black in either of these photos...

    I think it was the lighting...

    either way, she's still darker than my grandmother...

    we come in all shapes and sizes...and the "lighter" version of Beyonce is just as black to me.

    Mahogany Chic

    There is nothing wrong with being light. The problem occurs when one's features and complexion are modified for advertisements. I assure you it is not the lighting. They made sure the same photo was more appealing to Black folks in Essence, darker...

    TMZ actually had a succession of her l'oreal ads; they got lighter with each campaign.

    Not to mention her much more narrow nose. I don't think she had a nose job or her nose shrunk.

    The problem her is message this sends to girls and women.

    There is a doll test that has been replicated several times with the same results. Black children always reach for White dolls instead of Black dolls. They always say that the White dolls are better and more beautiful.

    We come in many hues and tones, beauty does not have a color. But if you look at media and entertainment it is easy to conclude what is favored.

    Thanks for responding.

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